About 1in9.net

Welcome to 1in9.net, my network gallery.

So what is this?

This website is my creative outlet. This is a place to upload anything I don't have any other place for.

Everything here is CC-BY-4.0 unless stated otherwise. Ask me if you're not sure! :)


I sometimes think about my impact on the world and what will become of the things I've done and am passionate about when I'm not there anymore.

And what good are my projects if they just rot on some hard-drive which will probably bite the dust after a few decades? This is why I'll upload projects I see value in, but don't know what to do with here under a permissive license. Take them, remix them, sell your remixes, just link back here and tell me about it! That is what I want my legacy to be.

Talk to me!

If you want to talk to me for any reason, be it to ask questions, show of projects or just talk, contact me at [email protected] or at any of my socials!

I don't bite... normally.